trust me.
hey wow. where the heck did you all come from?

6-20 said: could you relink the world is a beautiful place download please

Hi penetralian, have you ever heard of this site called Google? It helps you find things online, so you don’t have to ask other people.

It’s right on their bandcamp under “download for free”. Here’s a direct link so you can’t possibly screw it up:

Happy listening! 

My brother Rob and I play in a band called Creech and this is Rob’s solo work. It’s the third album he’s recorded and I think he really out did himself on this one. He played all instruments, wrote all the songs, recorded and mixed it himself. All of his albums are good, but some of his best songs are on here. Download it and just let it run while you clean your room or some shit. If you’re going to download one album, download this one. This is probably the last post for a little while, but I’ll probably come back again. It’s been real.
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Shareef Ali is a charming young man from Oakland, CA. He plays really good folk. Some of it is stick-it-to-the-man folk and some of it is my-baby-left-me folk. His vocal style is really distinct and he plays a mean six string. All of it is good and you should definitely give it a listen. I’ve met this guy a couple times and my label is putting this album out in a few weeks. He’s one chill bro, bro.
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The whole reason I started Clickthru was so that I wouldn’t have to think up things to say about music all the time. Most would have ended up like this:
Dowsing is good. They have vinyl. Count Your Lucky Stars has released some of their stuff. Yeah. It’s good.
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